Ultimate Chakra Set 9 Stones

£15.00 £14.00

This chakra set comes with full chakra balancing instructions and 9 quality chakra crystals including ruby in fuchsite, the gorgeous and powerful heart chakra stone


Packaged in a natural pouch with comprehensive instructions this nine stone set will instruct and empower you to strengthen and balance your own chakra system. And it makes a lovely gift.

For the main seven chakras the kit contains:

  • Snow Quartz,
  • Amethyst,
  • Blue Lace Agate,
  • Ruby in Fuchsite,
  • Citrine,
  • Sunstone,
  • Red Jasper.


  • Added extra  Clear quartz for the soul star chakra or for clarifying and amplifying
  • Add extra hematite for the earth star chakra or for extra protection and grounding
  • Crystal Chakra balancing instructions


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