Family and Friends Group Crystal Grid Reiki


Family and Friends Group Crystal Grid Reiki


Family and Friends Group Crystal Grid Reiki

This service consists of 14 days distant Reiki which sends a constant gentle flow of healing to a group using a crystal grid. The group can be family or friends of up to 5 people plus 1 or 2 pets.

For each group a new grid is programmed with crystals and using Reiki, mandalas and sacred geometry. I use a period of self-Reiki healing and meditation to determine which stones, mandala or grid should be used. These will generally be universal healers such as clear quartz and amethyst.

I cleanse and charge the master stone and the grid stones and then using a crystal wand or point I activate the grid and use Reiki symbols, including the distance and master symbol, to programme the grid to send a gentle flow of Reiki to the recipients individually and as a group. I ask my Reiki guides to help and set my intention that the Reiki will be sent for the highest good for each individual. I spend a few minutes connecting with the recipients through Reiki and introduce them to my guides before adding their name and details to the grid. I re-charge and programme the grid each morning and evening and always set up a new grid for each group.

If you prefer, we can set the grid for “all who live in the home of…”

Once the session is complete all personal details are removed and deleted.

When purchasing this healing, I will contact you to request the name and approximate loction of the recipients. I will always let you know the date and time the healing will start. The purchaser will also stay on my healing list for one month.


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