Remote Chakra Clearing and Balancing (Anytime)


Remote Chakra Clearing Anytime


Remote Chakra Clearing and Balancing

This incorporates Reiki and Pendulum clearing. As well as the 7 major chakras plus earth star and soul star, I now incorporate pendulum and reiki clearing other areas. These include, past life, ancestral, childhood patterning, present time effects from others and unhelpful self beliefs and behaviours. You will be emailed a brief report of the condition of each area and chakra and anything I picked up or was drawn to particularly work on. I will include information and help on how to support your own chakra healing and you are free to contact me with any questions.

This is a remote service and can be done while you go about your daily life. I will do it for you at a time that fits with my schedule and email you a report when it is done. This will be within 48 hours of payment.

If you prefer to agree a fixed date and time so that you can relax and perhaps meditate while this is done, please choose the Fixed Time Service, which is normally £25


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