Amethyst Ray of Peace Attunement


Amethyst Ray of Peace Attunement


The Amethyst Ray Of Peace And Transmutation attunement is a very simple attunement that aims to connect you with the healing qualities of the Amethyst crystal.

The Amethyst energies are associated with the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra, making them good for any work that involves opening and expanding spiritual connections, intuition and psychic skills.

It releases fear and cravings, often turning them into beneficial qualities like determination and decision-making.

The energies may be beneficial in gaining wisdom and awakening your consciousness to spirituality, transmutation of negative energies and energetic protection. 

A healing peace underlies all amethyst work.

The manual is short (4 pages) and focuses on the energies.

Anyone may receive this attunement, but you must be a Reiki or Seichem Master to pass on this attunement.

Note. It is useful to have an amethyst with you when receiving this attunement, but a picture also works well, or you can use visualisation.



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