Mercury Retrograde Neutraliser Attunement


Mercury Retrograde Neutraliser Attunement


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The distant Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer attunement aims to reduce and prevent the negative and chaotic energies associated with mercury going retrograde.
When mercury goes retrograde you may find communication becomes more difficult, electrical equipment fails and it becomes difficult to move forward. Travel arrangements and contracts can hit unexpected difficulties. It isn’t all bad, as it is also a time for reflection and review, but many people need a little extra support.
Mercury goes retrograde a few times a year. This attunement can be called in and activated whenever you need it going forwards for any and every retrograde period.

The price for this attunement is fixed by the founder.

What are the Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer requirements?
If you are ill or unwell you must first seek proper medical care.
No prerequisite knowledge required.
Understand that healing is a process that requires your active participation.
An open heart and a commitment to your self-empowerment and growth.
Some quiet time to practice and take in the energies.

What could you gain from this attunement?
Reduce the effects of mercury retrograde.
Improve confidence and communication during retrograde periods
A smoother retrograde period with fewer hitches and tech fails
Feel more aware of the benefits of retrograde such as rejuvenation and review
You can use energies on yourself and for others.
You can attune others to these energies.

What’s included?
Emailed manual
Full email support before, during and after the attunement
Attunement sent by Chi ball for you to download at a time of your choosing
Instructions for receiving Chi Ball attunement
Instructions for passing on a Chi Ball attunement
Real time attunement can be arranged

If you have any questions or if you need any other energy or crystal services please do get in touch on
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