Money Angel Reiki

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Money Angel Reiki


Money Angel Reiki Attunement is a great attunement to help fix long term money issues. It was channeled and founded by Reiki Master Stephanie Brail in 2009. The system uses two symbols and addresses money problems at a personal and global level.

In her manual to accompany this attunement the founder  explains, ~Money Angel Reiki has been created to help provide support and inspiration during times of economic stress. This system is not designed to instantly manifest wealth or prosperity. Rather, it is a system that helps provide support for money stress and problems. ~Some of the underlying causes for the problems may be internal, but some may be external (such as when the economy has fallen into a recession).

Money Angel Reiki does not provide quick-fixes but assists the individual in making long term changes and devising strategies to better deal with money. It helps provide support for tough times.

In working with Money Angel Reiki, you will connect with your own Money Angel to assist you in your personal prosperity journey. This Money Angel could be an aspect of your higher self, a spirit guide, or an actual angel, depending on what feels right to you and your personal belief system. It doesn’t really matter what your particular belief is, what matters is that you experience the feeling of support and connect to a higher “power” for guidance during tough financial times.”

If you are thinking of having energy work to assist your abundance and prosperity, this is the attunement that will enable you to take action and find the best ways to improve your situation long term.


Downloadable Manual

Energy Empowerment sent by Chi Ball

Full Instructions for Receiving and Activating the Energies

Ongoing Support

If already attuned to Reiki or a similar modality at Level 2 or above you can share this energy with others.

Certificate of Attunement


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