Light of Forgiveness Attunement

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Light of Forgiveness Reiki Attunement


The distant Light of Forgiveness Reiki attunement aims to help heal and cleanse you of old emotional wounds, hurts, wrongs, grief, or issues that are causing a lack of love of the self or others.

By releasing and forgiving you no longer hold on to what keeps you bound. You may become freer and be better able to move forward.

Forgiveness is often challenging to do and is something that should be done daily. It is through forgiveness that you no longer hold onto things that no longer serve you and are better able to move forward. These energies may also be beneficial when forgiving ourselves.

  • Supports forgiveness.
  • Heal and cleans past hurts and issues.
  • Let go of the past and clear blocks to moving forward.
  • Increased vitality and well-being
  • May use energies for yourself and others.
  • If you are already attuned to Reiki at Master level or above you May attune others to these energies.


  • Downloadable copy of original manual
  • Energy Empowerment sent by Chi Ball and also real time if you wish to choose a time and date.
  • Full Instructions for Receiving and Activating the Energies
  • Ongoing Support via email or messenger
  • If already attuned to Reiki or a similar modality at Level 2 or above you can share this energy with others.
  • Certificate of Attunement


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