Subscription and Seasonal Boxes

The much requested Mojolistic “subscription” boxes. But you don’t have to subscribe, all boxes are available as a one-off purchase.

The newest box is the monthly Mini-box. It will focus on one main and interesting crystal or shape for the month, and will have additional extra crystal treats or accessories. It’s a little box of joy that fits through a standard letterbox so you don’t need to be home to take delivery. At the moment, this is for UK only, but we will soon have international delivery set up.

October Mini-Box

October's box is all about grounding and protection.


Samhain Box

The price will be £20 including UK delivery or £25 elsewhere and will include:

  • At least 5 different crystals ( a mix of polished, tumbled, carved shapes and raw/specimens)
  • Your crystal selection will always include something a little out of the ordinary
  • crystals instructions and descriptions
  • incense, accessories or other holistic or seasonal gifts
  • packaging will be recyclable and sustainable

If you have had any other mystery boxes from me you know they are super value for money so get in quick while stocks last.

  • How much is it? £20
  • Does that include postage? YES if you live in UK
  • Do we post outside UK? Yes, at an additional £8 postage
  • Is it good value? ABSOLUTELY I have chosen this price point because I don’t want to fill it with tat or plastic, but interesting crystals and accessories you will use and love.
  • How will you feel when you open it? Joyful!

So do you want to get involved? Have a shimmy down the choices below:

I want a Samhain Box Posted to UK

Samhain Box, UK residents


I want a Samhain Box posted outside UK

Samhain Box, outside UK


Cannot be included in any other offers and will be posted separately from the “Open a Box or “Save My Order ” scheme

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