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Hello lovely friend, thanks so much for popping in! Helping is my thing, and crystals and energy are how I do it. I want to help you learn about crystals without the BS and add a dash of science to my beloved woo-woo! When all is said and done, as Maya Angelou said: “Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.” Yes, it’s all about those vibrations and if you think crystals don’t vibe, can I just mention quartz watches?

I first started selling crystals to help fund my own, ever growing, collection. The more I learned about crystals the more they just seemed to make perfect sense. I have seen how their beauty and energies can be channelled in a positive way and they bring me joy. Like many holistic workers I have a multi-layered approach with crystals, energy work and more.  In studying Reiki, Crystals and other therapies I have met wonderful people and had some truly astounding energetic and mystical experiences but the most joy can be had when what I do or sell makes other people happy, or more peaceful.

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