Crystals for Protection

If you’re reading my blog, You’re probably that bit more open to spiritual and psychic matters of perhaps your’re an empath or healer.
You might think that makes you more susceptible to “negative” or harmful energies but we need to make sure we FEEL protected at all times and focus on the positive, as in transforming any energies into good for us and for the world.
In any event, people less sensitive than us still feel the effects of energies that don’t resonate with their own energetic fingerprint, they just don’t put a name on it like that.

Ways you can use crystals for protection:

1. Carry or wear protective crystals. You can wear them as jewellery, keep them in your pocket, your car or purse. Some ladies keep a crystal in their bra and I know of people in the emergency and caring professions who keep a crystal tucked or hidden in their professional hat.
2. Grid your house, room or workplace with crystals. For example, put a crystal in each corner and with an affirmation, point to each crystal in turn 3 times (with your finger will do) to draw a protective circle. If you wish you can also use your finger or wand to raise the circle into a tall fence and join the imaginary lines over the top as a full shield.
3. Use a crystal wand or point to draw a line around your home or workspace – combine it with the intention that only energies aligned to your highest good will pass.
4. Simply keep protective crystals in a bowl or dish or tucked in with your plants and ornaments.
There are many crystals you can use for protection and this list is not complete but just a taster:
1. Black tourmaline. This is a mighty protector and really good at changing negativity into positive thoughts or actions, and it works on people too. So as well as the protective element, you can find that the moaner or “negative Nora” in your energetic field either doesn’t affect you so much or changes their ways a little.
2. Smoky quartz. An ultimate all-round protector. Very commonly used in gridding homes and workplaces.
3. Chiastolite. This has an earthy brown colour and a natural cross formation. It has been used across the centuries as protection particularly for travellers.
4. Selenite is also used for gridding homes and can be used for drawing a protective circle and cutting cords.
5. Amethyst is another “toolkit crystal” which protects and together with Rose Quartz is very protective of children.
6. Jasper. Jasper. Jasper! All jaspers are protective and some are more specialised for different purposes but you can’t really go wrong with any jasper. I love them because they are such good protectors for children.
7. Tiger’s eye. Protects you, your home, your children and your wealth.
8. Shungite is a carbon-based stone said to protect against EMFs (also known as electro-smog) from all the technology we use today.
Just a few ideas there and hopefully you already have some in your toolkit. It doesn’t have to be complicated. The list could go on and on and remember as always your intention is key. I’ll cover gridding and wands in more detail in a later post. Feel free to add a comment with your own favourite protective crystal.

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