Crystals to Magnify your Manifesting

First things first – you don’t need crystals to manifest your dreams. Not a single one! But working with manifesting and laws of abundance and attraction can be helped along with certain tools such as tapping (EFT), affirmations and journaling and yes, crystals. These are just some of the ways you can choose to amplifyContinue reading “Crystals to Magnify your Manifesting”

New Moon Crystal Blessing

You can use this simple ritual to bless the month ahead or to anchor and strengthen your intentions. You may wish to set your intentions first and write them down so that you are not searching for words when it is time. Read these suggestions through a couple of times before you start. Choose aContinue reading “New Moon Crystal Blessing”

Four Easy Ways to Use Crystals

OK, so you have been bitten by the crystal bug and your collection has started to grow. They’re pretty and attractive, you know how to cleanse them and you think you feel something from them, but what next? (If you’re not sure how to cleanse your crystals here’s a helpful post) Well, the firstContinue reading “Four Easy Ways to Use Crystals”

Optical Calcite – Clear “Sight”

This is a clear rhombohedra shaped crystal that can look like a sparkling ice cube. Sometimes there is a golden or yellow tint. Looking through it, we see two images and this for me is one of its most useful energies. It helps us to see the truth clearly, especially our own truth and crucially,Continue reading “Optical Calcite – Clear “Sight””

Crystals to Help with Studying and Exams

I’m often asked for crystals to help with studying and with taking exams. I think that there are several things to look at here, including focus, and memory. But also including the communication skills to express the learnings and show true understanding. Emotions need to be supported too. Here are a few suggestions. Hematite ThisContinue reading “Crystals to Help with Studying and Exams”

All Loved Up – Crystals for Self Love and Relationships

Whether we want to attract love into our lives, or heal tricky relationships (romantic, family or friends), self love and self worth have a huge impact. We have to heal our heart first and give ourselves the unconditional love that tells the Universe we ARE worthy. Here are my crystal tools that work on allContinue reading “All Loved Up – Crystals for Self Love and Relationships”

Nine Crystals for Menopause Support

Moonstone – peachy, creamy-semi-translucent Moonstone works with the moon and helps to stabilise female hormones. Two are suggested so that you can choose to use them together or separately. You can have one on the left and one on the right side. Perhaps in your jeans pockets or maybe one either side of the bed orContinue reading “Nine Crystals for Menopause Support”

Five Crystals for Seasonal Affective Disorder and How to Use Them

As the darker days arrive, so my mood alters and I need to incorporate strategies to keep my mood elevated. This is important not only for my emotional state but also my energy levels and general health. I’ve tried many crystals , they are a great energy tool to keep the vibe high on coldContinue reading “Five Crystals for Seasonal Affective Disorder and How to Use Them”

A Quick Physical or Emotional Reset with Crystals

This is a great tip if you feel a bit off-kilter, sluggish or not quite yourself. It can be a quick pick-me-up emotionally too. However, it’s a great and easy way to practise regular self care at any time. My favourite crystals for this exercise are: Carnelian, Amethyst or Unakite. But there are many othersContinue reading “A Quick Physical or Emotional Reset with Crystals”

Kansas Pop Rocks (Boji™ Stones)

These are a concretion, laid down millions of years ago in sedimentary silt. They are said to come in pairs, one female and one male stone. The females are said to be more of a smooth sphere or oval shape and the males are rougher with sometimes protrusions. They have a powerful yet not intrusiveContinue reading “Kansas Pop Rocks (Boji™ Stones)”

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