Connecting with Crystals

Sensing the energy of your crystals:
As always, I like to keep it simple.
Briefly ground yourself and bring your mind totally into the present.
Then, rub your hands together briskly, to create an energy field and this helps you to “switch on”. Now, touch the crystal or hold it in your hand. Breathing calmly, be aware of any physical sensations, first in your hand, then in the rest of your body. Does the crystal feel heavy or warm? Does it seem to be vibrating? Do you feel strong or energised? Perhaps you feel tension melting away or a tingle in a part of your body? Do you feel grounded, or a bit spaced out?
Take a few slow breaths and centre yourself again. Now ask yourself what emotions you are feeling? Do you feel secure? Curious? Loved? Maybe you feel emotions welling up to be released? Do you feel determined, motivated? Perhaps calm and soothed?
Finally, centre yourself again and really look at the crystal. Observe any colours, hidden rainbows, lines or hollows and imperfections (if any). Thank the crystal and replace it or you can now begin to work with it.
Don’t worry if you don’t get anything at first, just try again another time.
If you keep a crystal journal, make sure you note your experiences. If you’ve never done it before, why not have a go and let us know how you get on?
Much crystally love,

Grounding with Crystals


It’s important to be grounded as you go about your life and especially when taking part in any energy or psychic work. Having crystals around you also causes shifts in energy that sometimes need to be dispersed into the ground. But in any case the earth and indeed the universe is one big energy machine with vibrations from the crystals under our feet, the stars and planets above and the people and everything else on the earth.

Why it’s great to be grounded:

1. You feel more “present” in your life and more aware.

2. You feel more present in your human body and enjoy sensations, tastes and sounds more.

3. You are calmer and your reactions are more in alignment with your highest good.

How you might feel if you are not grounded:

1. Tired or weary.

2. Anxious or depressed.

3. Confused and forgetful.

4. Disconnected from the people and happenings around you.

5. Lightheaded or a bit “spaced out”.

6. Shaky or even dizzy or nauseous.

Super-quick grounding before working with crystals:

You can use crystals to ground yourself or enhance your grounding. However, if you are about to work with crystals or perhaps feel a bit spaced out maybe in a spiritual shop you can ground very quickly.  Simply sit or stand very quietly and imagine your feet sending tree roots down into the earth. If you can slip off your shoes, all the better. Alternatively you can stamp your feet.

How to use crystals to enhance your grounding:

This is so easy you can do it any time and almost anywhere. Ideally you need two grounding crystals but you can use just one, in whichever hand feels most comfortable. Stand barefoot (if you can) or in socks if you must, with your feet firmly on the floor or ground. ( Outdoors is lovely, but it doesn’t matter if you are indoors or even on a high level building). If you have to ground when somewhere you can’t take off your shoes that’s fine. It’s better to ground with shoes on than not ground at all.

Touch the crystal briefly on the top of your head, your heart, your hips parallel to the base of your spine and then hold your arms down by your side. Intend that any energies that do not serve you flow down into the earth to be transmuted (changed) into good. Visualise a ball of white light starting at your crown chakra (just above the top of your head) and flowing down slowly towards the ground taking any non-serving energies with it. Really feel your connection to the earth. You can imagine your feet placing roots down into the earth if you wish. Hold for at least one minute but five is better. However, even if you can only ground for a few seconds that is better than nothing.

If you are not able to stand, you can ground from a sitting position by imagining a line from the base of your spine down through your seat to the earth.

Affirmations for grounding:

I am safe, secure and grounded in my physical form.

I have a right to be here and I am worthy.

I trust in the process of life and all is well.

My top ten (ish) grounding crystals:

hematite1. Hematite. It is the ultimate grounding crystal and resonates strongly with the base chakra. However, some people find it too strong and that it gives them headaches. Personally, I use it for super-quick grounding and centring.

2. Red jasper. It is so earthy and comforting and seems to have a permanent connection to the earth.

3. Agate. In particular, many people recommend moss agate, which is green and earthy and gorgeous. I find that most agates especially the darker ones have that lovely slow vibration. I feel like they vibrate at a barefoot walking pace.

4. Unakite. It balances the spiritual and physical sides of the body and connects the heart firmly to the earth.

5. Aragonite. Heals the earth and the base chakra. This is one of my favourites it just makes me feel so secure. Red, green or brown is best for this.

crystal-2723145_19206. Smoky quartz, which balances the entire chakra column and anchors it to the earth and the higher realms. The smoky colouring gives added protection too. Many smoky variations of other crystals are extra protective and grounding so that is something to look out for.


7. Black tourmaline is another highly grounding crystal that is also super protective.

8. Pyrite. Although pyrite has yellow ray energy it also has earth and fire elements within it so also good for grounding.

9. Bloodstone, an earthy green and red stone, sometimes so dark it appears almost black.

10. Almost any dark brown or black stone.

There are many, many more crystals which are helpful for grounding and just keeping them on you, in a pocket perhaps, helps to keep you grounded throughout the day. I often keep one in each pocket of my jeans and just touch them briefly when I want to feel more centred or grounded. You may have your own way of grounding and that is fine, and you don’t have to have crystals to ground effectively, but I like to as it amplifies the intention and I feel real physical effects.

Crystals for Protection

If you’re reading my blog, You’re probably that bit more open to spiritual and psychic matters of perhaps your’re an empath or healer.
You might think that makes you more susceptible to “negative” or harmful energies but we need to make sure we FEEL protected at all times and focus on the positive, as in transforming any energies into good for us and for the world.
In any event, people less sensitive than us still feel the effects of energies that don’t resonate with their own energetic fingerprint, they just don’t put a name on it like that.

Ways you can use crystals for protection:

1. Carry or wear protective crystals. You can wear them as jewellery, keep them in your pocket, your car or purse. Some ladies keep a crystal in their bra and I know of people in the emergency and caring professions who keep a crystal tucked or hidden in their professional hat.
2. Grid your house, room or workplace with crystals. For example, put a crystal in each corner and with an affirmation, point to each crystal in turn 3 times (with your finger will do) to draw a protective circle. If you wish you can also use your finger or wand to raise the circle into a tall fence and join the imaginary lines over the top as a full shield.
3. Use a crystal wand or point to draw a line around your home or workspace – combine it with the intention that only energies aligned to your highest good will pass.
4. Simply keep protective crystals in a bowl or dish or tucked in with your plants and ornaments.
There are many crystals you can use for protection and this list is not complete but just a taster:
1. Black tourmaline. This is a mighty protector and really good at changing negativity into positive thoughts or actions, and it works on people too. So as well as the protective element, you can find that the moaner or “negative Nora” in your energetic field either doesn’t affect you so much or changes their ways a little.
2. Smoky quartz. An ultimate all-round protector. Very commonly used in gridding homes and workplaces.
3. Chiastolite. This has an earthy brown colour and a natural cross formation. It has been used across the centuries as protection particularly for travellers.
4. Selenite is also used for gridding homes and can be used for drawing a protective circle and cutting cords.
5. Amethyst is another “toolkit crystal” which protects and together with Rose Quartz is very protective of children.
6. Jasper. Jasper. Jasper! All jaspers are protective and some are more specialised for different purposes but you can’t really go wrong with any jasper. I love them because they are such good protectors for children.
7. Tiger’s eye. Protects you, your home, your children and your wealth.
8. Shungite is a carbon-based stone said to protect against EMFs (also known as electro-smog) from all the technology we use today.
Just a few ideas there and hopefully you already have some in your toolkit. It doesn’t have to be complicated. The list could go on and on and remember as always your intention is key. I’ll cover gridding and wands in more detail in a later post. Feel free to add a comment with your own favourite protective crystal.

Angels and Crystals

To me, working with crystals is already a heavenly experience. The energetic fingerprint of crystals resonates really strongly with light-beings (or is a type of light being, depending on what you believe).
Three crystals that can ramp up this process are:
Angelite. This is really called blue anhydrite but most people have adopted the name of its properties. It’s a pale blue stone, and yes it’s good for the throat chakra/communication etc. But it really comes into its own removing blocks in the third eye and crown chakra, which are your angelic channels. If I wanted to be open to any angel message – this is the one I’d choose.
Seraphinite. This is a dark green stone with silvery white streaks in it that look sometimes like feathers. It works with the heart chakra to activate the energy in all the chakras. It protects you physically while you are working at a higher vibration. Not forgetting that it also works with the power of the earth it is an awesome stone to make us all one with the universe and mother earth. If I wanted the physical healing of the angels, particularly my own Archangel, Raphael, this is the one I’d choose.
Blue Celestite. This is sparkly and really raises the vibration. It lets your angels know you are there, and vice versa. It is great for meditating and feeling the emotional support of the angels. If I just need to feel loved by the angels I cuddle a celestite. If I wanted to ask a specific question, this is the one I would choose. I’d sit and meditate, ask my question and be receptive to the answer.

Crystals for Reiki

I’m often asked to recommend crystals for Reiki and as I love both I’m delighted to do so.
A CHAKRA SET: Chakra health is important for practitioners and to support when going through the cleansing phases after attunements.
This is why many Reiki masters will include a chakra set as an option (or sometimes a gift) for their students.
For chakra balancing the colour of the crystal is more important so most chakra sets will do.
KYANITE: held on the heart chakra can have the effect of rebalancing all the chakras and re-centring you when feeling the increased energies after attunement.
APOPHYLLITE: is said to be the ultimate crystal for energy workers and resonates especially well with Reiki. It emanates pure loving energy and just keeps going. It opens you up so you can be an even better conduit for the energies to flow. It maintains a steady flow and yet keeps unwanted energetic cords from attaching.
SELENITE: For your workspace to maintain a peaceful environment, place one in each corner – you can use even tiny raw points or tumbled.
GROUNDING and PROTECTION: I feel that when receiving attunements I always need something powerfully grounding like HEMATITE. Although smoky quartz is also good. TOURMALINE of course is super-protective.
DALMATION STONE: This enhances trust, of the reiki student, practitioner or client. It therefore removes any barriers to healing and practice. The black spots in dalmation stone are actually tourmaline so trust AND protection – what could be better?
ROSE QUARTZ: With its vibrations of unconditional love it really is superb in a Reiki setting. You could try just putting one under your therapy bed for a little extra boost.
Finally, once attuned to Reiki you may well find your intuition increases. A pendulum is a useful tool to help you in all sorts of ways to make decisions in tune with your higher self.

Activating or Charging Your Crystals

After you’ve cleansed your crystal some experts say you need to “charge” it up in order for it to work.
But the energies of the crystal have been around for a long, long time before it came into your possession. In fact the electrical vibration never goes away.
However, there are some easy ways you can activate your crystals as well as ways you can store them to keep their tip top vibrational mojo. First things first – intention is key. Develop an affirmation that suits you or use this one: Thank you for your presence, I intend you are charged with loving energy to work for the highest good of all.

CRYSTAL charging.
Some crystals will awaken the energy of other crystals, just by being used as a bed for them. Amethyst, Selenite and Citrine are often used for this and a lovely amethyst druzy or bed is an attractive way to display your tumble stones – keeping them fit and raring to go.

REIKI charging.
This is simply done with intent and symbols. If you are attuned to reiki, hold your crystals in one hand and hold the other hand over them, infusing them with the power symbol and stating the affirmation.

CONTACT charging.
Touch and enjoy your crystals as often as you can, stating the affirmation silently or out loud.

MOONLIGHT charging. Some people say moonlight for cleansing and sunlight for charging. Some say new moon for charging and full moon for cleansing. However I find that the moon both cleanses and charges our crystals at all phases. It is especially intense at new moon or full moon. For the night of a  full or new moon and a few nights afterwards you can put your crystals either outdoors if it is safe, or on a windowsill. It doesn’t matter if it is cloudy you will still get the effect. The lunar energy is there whether you can see it or not.

SUNLIGHT charging. Many crystals enjoy being charged in the sunlight. Amethyst and a few others can fade if left in direct sunlight for lengthy periods, but most are fine. This fading doesn’t affect the energy, only the appearance. I have some amethyst that lives permanently outside and it is still beautiful.

If you are not sure whether your crystal wants a sunlight or moonlight charge, try 24 hours on a windowsill to get both. State your intention and the crystal will take what it needs.
STORM charging. Oh yes, they love a thunderstorm. Leave on the windowsill and let them enjoy it, or, if it is safe and you know they are not water soluble or metallic, put them outside.
There are other methods of course, but let’s keep it simple and just enjoy nature’s gift.

Meditating With Crystals


We can get so much more from our crystals than just looking at them.

One way they can help us is when we really connect with them through meditation.

This can be for the purpose of gaining insight from the crystal, or asking for help and setting an intention.

Here’s a quick and easy way to do this.

  1. As always, ground yourself and call in your usual protection before you begin. Set your intention for a peaceful time to meditate without interruption and send it out to the universe in a positive way.
  2. Choose your crystals – either for the specific purpose of your meditation, or with your pendulum or simply by looking at your stones and noticing which you are most drawn to.
  3. Find a space to sit quietly where you feel comfortable and relaxed, have some water and your chosen crystals nearby. Play your music if you feel drawn.
  4. Begin to quiet your mind and focus your attention on your breathing.
  5. After you have observed five or more in and out breaths pick up your crystals and hold them lightly in your hands.
  6. Still breathing steadily, visualise your awareness spiralling down into the crystal and the crystal energies spiralling back into your mind.
  7. As you breathe in the energy of the crystal its energies are surrounded in pure white light. Let the crystal energies settle within you.
  8. As you breathe out, focus your intention, request or question into the crystal.
  9. Relax like this for as long as you can. You may feel the right moment to finish the process when you feel at peace but your awareness starts coming back to the present.
  10. Visualise all parts of yourself spiralling out and away from the crystal and back into your own body and mind. Feel yourself reconnecting with the earth and your physical body.
  11. Take a few deep breaths. Have some water and make sure you are fully grounded.
  12. Thank your crystal/s and give yourself some love for making this sacred time.

Let me know how you get on. With love and blessings,

Mojo x